6 Causes of Tingling and Numbness in Your Feet


Feeling a tingling sensation or having numbness in your feet can not only be irritating, but it can also cause difficulty with mobility and may be a sign of a serious disease like diabetes. While systemic disease is often involved, there are also a variety of other causes of foot numbness and tingling.

Some of the most common causes of tingling and numbness in your feet include:

1)   NeuropathyComplications from diabetes causes damage to the nerves in the extremities that often first appears as numbness and tingling in the feet and hands.

2)   Foot or ankle injuryTrauma to your toes or feet caused by an injury or accident can also result in tingling and numbing. 

3)   Untreated flat feet—The weight and pressure on the arches from having untreated flat feet cause nerve compression, numbness, and tingling.

4)   Spinal cord Injury—A ruptured disc can protrude into the spinal cord and affect the nerves, sometimes creating a sense of numbness in your feet.

5)   Poorly fitting shoes—Constricting footwear presses your toes together, decreases blood flow, and may cause nerve compression that produces a numbing sensation.

6)   NeuromaTissue growth around nerves and sensitive tissues are called neuromas. Morton’s neuroma is a common growth that occurs between the third and fourth metatarsals that produce tingling and numbing in the ball of the foot and toes.

If you are experiencing irritating tingling and numbness in your feet, see your podiatrist for the proper diagnosis and treatment. At E.J. Nemet, DPM in Twinsburg, board-certified foot doctor Dr. E.J. Nemet treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Common ones include sports injuries, pediatric foot problems, diabetic foot complications, nerve disorders, and toenail and skin conditions. With advanced technologies and dedicated staff, Dr. Nemet provides expert and compassionate care to patients in the Twinsburg area. To contact us or to schedule an appointment, please call (234) 212-9940.