Hidden Plantar Warts Cause Foot Pain


plantar wart is a wart that often grows on the bottom of your feet, especially on the ball of your foot or your heel. They can be hidden under thick skin, so often the only early signs you see will be a bump on the skin, along with the considerable pain and discomfort in that location whenever weight is put on the foot.

Treating plantar warts

While plantar warts can sometimes be successfully treated at home, your foot doctor has access to methods that are much more effective for warts that are hidden and hard to treat. 

These treatments include the following:

  1. Skin removal—Emery paper, files, and debridement tools are used to remove the skin that is covering the wart.

  2. Prescription strength acids—Your foot doctor can then apply these strong acid solutions to gradually peel away layers of the wart.

  3. Freezing—Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart so that large pieces can be broken off. This can be combined with the acid treatments for quick removal.

  4. Vaccine therapy—A vaccine is used to kill the virus which is a known cause of warts. These medications may have side effects that you should discuss with your foot doctor.

You can avoid getting warts by avoiding contact with the human papilloma virus that causes them. Keep your feet clean and dry and wear shower shoes or sandals in public areas (like locker rooms and showers).

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