The Trouble With Flat Feet

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When you contemplate the notion that your feet create the base that supports the rest of your body, it’s understandable how ignoring problems with your feet and ankles can create a host of troubles. In fact, having flat feet is one of those problems that if left untreated can result in a variety of other issues that can radiate right up your spine.

Since your posture is also frequently affected by flat feet, the pain and discomfort can also occur in your knees, hips and back. Even headaches can result from the abnormal posture, so it’s important to have your feet looked at by a podiatrist to help avoid these largely preventable troubles.

The causes of flat feet

It is quite normal for toddlers to have flat feet because their arches are still in the developmental stages, and there are some people who actually never fully develop normal looking arches and have no painful symptoms. However, the majority of folks will have associated troubles.

Arches can fall over time as the tendons and ligaments of the foot become looser, resulting in what is called “adult acquired flat feet.” Ankle sprains or fractures may also contribute to this flattening.

Treatment for flat feet

Some of the treatments for flat feet include the following:

  • Arch supports and orthotic inserts—Over-the-counter arch supports may be marginally effective, but your podiatrist may recommend custom made orthotic inserts that are crafted to the individual shape of your feet to ensure the best outcome.
  • Stretching and physical therapy—Stretching and strengthening the Achilles tendons and calf muscles can help strengthen the arch. Doing towel scrunching exercises with your toes and rolling your foot on a tennis ball or frozen water bottle can also increase robustness.
  • The correct, well fitted shoes—Shoes that provide plenty of room in the toe box and adequate support and cushioning can help with fallen arches and many other foot problems.

If you are experiencing problems with flat feet, the sooner you seek assistance from a foot care professional, the less likely you will suffer future complications. At E.J. Nemet Podiatry in Twinsburg,  E.J. Nemet, DPM, treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including sports injuries, pediatric foot problems, diabetic foot complications, nerve disorders, and toenail and skin conditions. With advanced technologies and a dedicated staff, Dr. Nemet provides expert and compassionate care to patients in the Twinsburg and Beachwood areas. To contact us or to schedule an appointment, please call (234) 212-9940.