The Sudden Foot Pain of Gout


Gout was often referred to as “the disease of kings” in olden times, since it tended to strike those who were living the high life and eating such royal delicacies such as meats, shellfish, wine and beer. In this day and age, anyone can get gout if they regularly consume the wrong types of foods and beverages that contain high purine levels. 

Gout is a condition created by the crystallization of excess uric acid that builds up in the blood. Sharp crystals can settle out of the blood and into the joints, with the ankle joint and the large joint of the big toe frequently being affected. Gout can also form in joints of the wrists, hands, back and knees.

The best way to avoid the pain of gout is to alter your diet thereby decreasing the amount of uric acid in your blood. 

How to Avoid a Gout Attack

The following tips can help you avoid ever having a gout attack:

  • Alcoholic beverage moderation—Beer and other distilled products that are derived from grains should be stopped or curtailed. Beverages such as tequila, which are derived from a cactus plant, are less likely to contribute to an incident of gout.
  • Avoid red meat and fatty fish—Reduce your consumption of red meats and organ meats, and also avoid anchovies, liver, shrimp and mussels.
  • Proper hydration—Drink a variety of healthy fluids to decrease the volume of uric acid in your blood and help the kidneys flush out your system.
  • Healthy foods and beverages—Consuming dark berries such as cherries and blueberries will help remove uric acid from your bloodstream. Organic apple cider vinegar can also help to cleanse the blood.

Your foot doctor can confirm that the pain in your feet or ankles is caused by a gout attack by extracting fluid from around the joint and looking for the telltale uric acid crystals under a microscope. Check with your doctor about medications that can be prescribed to ward off any future gout attacks and decrease symptoms. 

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