Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts Treat Many Conditions


Custom orthotic shoe inserts are specially made to alleviate specific foot problems and to optimize athletic performance. They accomplish this by shifting your balance and improving your gait mechanics to reduce the risk of injury or to help heal an existing injury. They can be used in combination with boots or orthopedic shoes to treat many different conditions ranging from soft tissue injuries to toe deformities.

Some of the many conditions that custom orthotics can treat include the following:

·         Plantar fasciitis

·         Bunions and hammertoes

·         Peroneal tendonitis

·         Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds

·         Sprained and strained ankles

·         Neuromas and neuropathy

·         Heel pain

·         Breaks and hairline fractures

·         Arch pain

Poor posture can have radiating effects for your knees, hips, and back, and patients are frequently astounded at how a well made and properly positioned shoe insert can have dramatic effects in alleviating aches and pains.

Who does it benefit?

For professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, foot orthotics can help you to increase your performance level while decreasing your risk of getting injured. People suffering from diabetes complications will also find that well-fitted orthopedic shoes with custom inserts are essential.

Whatever your activity level, your foot doctor can help you to maintain optimum health of your feet and ankles with proper use of orthotic inserts.

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