3 Common Running Injuries


Running is a great way to be outdoors in the summer and to also get some exercise. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment except for a decent pair of properly fitted running shoes. Even with the right footwear, running injuries like Achilles tendonitis can happen due to all the stress and repetitive pressure on your feet and ankles.

3 of the most common running injuries include the following:

1)    Achilles tendonitisThis is the largest tendon you have and it connects your calf muscle to your foot at the heel bone. This tendon does a lot of work and is subject to stress, stretching, tearing, and even a complete rupture that requires surgery to reattach. Sudden stops and starts can cause an injury to this tendon and repetitive stress activities like running and playing sports are often involved.

2)    Shin splints—The muscles and tissues surrounding the shin bones can become irritated and swollen from the constant pounding of running and playing sports. Shin splints also often occur when an exercise surface is suddenly changed from hard to soft or vice versa.

3)    Plantar fasciitisThis condition affects the arch initially and often causes heel pain in runners and sports enthusiasts. The arch is formed by the plantar fascia which is the wide band of flexible tissue that covers the bottom of your foot. The connection point at the heel area is where the pain is often felt.

The best way to avoid tendon injuries is with proper stretching and warming up before running and exercising. Be sure to wear properly fitted shoes that are appropriate for the activity as well.

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