3 Causes of Arch Pain

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There are several arch types including high arches, low arches, and neutral or medium arches. People who have improperly supported low or high arches are most likely to have arch related problems. Custom orthotic inserts and properly fitted shoes can alleviate many arch problems.

The arch is made up of three sections with two parts that span from front to back, and a transverse arch that runs across the middle. Many other tissues and bones interconnect with the arch segments providing multiple possible sources of arch pain and discomfort.

3 common causes of arch pain include the following:

1)    Stress fractureStress fractures (also called hairline fractures) are small breaks in the bones caused by repetitive stress or injury. A stress fracture in the ankle or toes can cause radiating pain in the arch.

2)    Plantar fasciitisWhile this condition is often implicated as the cause of heel pain, it begins as an arch injury. The plantar fascia is the wide band of tissue that spans the bottom of your foot, creating your arch. This sensitive tissue can be torn or damaged from the stress of sports, work, and exercise and the pain can radiate from the arch to the back of the heel.

3)    Improperly fitted shoes—Wearing shoes that don’t have proper support is a common and easily correctable cause of arch pain and many other feet and ankle problems. Shoes with orthotic inserts that adequately support your arch and that address any pronation problems can also help alleviate pain and discomfort in the knees, hips, and back.

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