Properly Treat Ankle Sprains to Avoid Future Problems


Rolling your foot over while negotiating a curb or while climbing or descending stairs can happen unexpectedly when you are not paying attention. Sprained ankles are a very common occurrence that should not be taken lightly. Even a minor sprain can come back to haunt you later if it is not treated properly in the beginning.

Treating ankle sprains properly will...

...prevent future complications—An ankle sprain that is not allowed to heal properly can result in chronic ankle instability and weakness. This can make you more likely to sprain your ankle again. Always treat even seemingly minor sprains with great care and slowly increase strength and flexibility with physical therapy exercises. determine the extent of the damage—Since the event that caused the ankle sprain may have caused additional injuries, you need to see your foot doctor for a complete foot exam to make sure you don’t have a fracture, torn ligament, and other problems.

Some essential treatments for ankle sprains include the following:

  • The RICE protocol—Rest, icing, compression, and elevation. This will help the swelling to subside so the extent of the injury can be more easily determined and will also prevent making the problem worse.

  • Pain management—Tylenol or ibuprofen may be taken to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Immobilization—A rigid boot may be needed to prevent the ankle joint from moving and to allow proper healing to occur.

  • Physical therapy exercises—Specific strength and flexibility exercises will help slowly improve your ankle without causing injury.

Severe sprains that are accompanied by a fracture or other complication may require surgery.

If you have a sprained ankle, see your foot doctor for the proper treatment. At E.J. Nemet Podiatry in Twinsburg,  E.J. Nemet, DPM, treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including sports injuries, pediatric foot problems, diabetic foot complications, nerve disorders, and toenail and skin conditions. With advanced technologies and a dedicated staff, Dr. Nemet provides expert and compassionate care to patients in the Twinsburg and Beachwood areas. To contact us or to schedule an appointment, please call (234) 212-9940.