Overpronation Causes Foot, Knee, and Back Pain


Your foot naturally rolls when you walk or run with the outside of the heel contacting first and then an inward rolling quickly occurs as the middle and ball of the foot complete the step. When your foot is moving properly, the inward roll is limited but in people who overpronate the foot moves further inward. This creates misalignment and pressure that causes pain and discomfort in the feet and ankles and the misalignment continues up the spine affecting the knees, hips, and back. People with untreated low arches (flat feet) are more like to roll their feet abnormally.

How to tell if you are overpronating:

The wear pattern on your shoes will give you a good idea if you are stepping abnormally. If you overpronate there will be more wear on the inner part of the shoe and under the ball of the foot.  The extent of the problem can be accurately determined with a computerized gait analysis that you can have done at your foot doctor’s office.

Treatment of overpronation includes the following:

●      Wear shoes with proper arch support as determined during the gait analysis

●      Additional custom made orthotic inserts will help fine tune your gait

●      Physical therapy exercises before and after exercising can help stretch the arch

●      Always replace your shoes when they wear out to ensure proper support

If you are concerned about overpronation that is causing you pain and discomfort, see your foot doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment. At E.J. Nemet Podiatry in Twinsburg,  E.J. Nemet, DPM, treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including sports injuries, pediatric foot problems, diabetic foot complications, nerve disorders, and toenail and skin conditions. With advanced technologies and a dedicated staff, Dr. Nemet provides expert and compassionate care to patients in the Twinsburg and Beachwood areas. To contact us or to schedule an appointment, please call (234) 212-9940.